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100% Natural TENFU's TEA The best that man and nature can produce We source and share authentic teas produced by masters using skills handed down over generations. Picked and expertly made, then packed at source for unrivalled freshness, our teas arrive with you as fresh as they left the garden. Find in Stores Buy Online

Meet Tenfu's TEA Collection!

After numerous years of grueling hard work and weathering many challenges, we have since become a holistic corporation that manages with ease the manufacturing, packaging and sales, research, as well as the cultural and leisure aspects of tea.

We offer a personalized shopping experience for consumers so as to elevate brand awareness amongst them, while the subsidiary brands are distributed primarily through large-scale integrated supermarket.

Now, we are in the United States to offer the same service and the best products. You can enjoy the best tea from Ten Fu.


Why Everybody Love Our Teas

Premium Quality

Each tea from Ten Fu, we hand pick one bud two leaves from the tea tree. During all the process, we not only keep the original flavor of the tea but also give the tea a different life.

Ready to Use

We use less procedure to make the most natural tea for our customers. Tenfu has obtained HACCP Quality Management Certification and ISO22000 Safety Management Certification.

100% Tea Leaves

We make different taste of tea from different method of fermented or control degree of roasted, but we  keep the teas original feature and provide a tea different experience.


We sets up factories at the source of geographical origination of tea. Alongside scientific research and strict management, we ensure excellent and consistent quality that we have always insisted upon.

Secret Ingridients

Peach and Love is our secret ingredients. Tenfu’s mission to use tea as an enterprise developmental goal as well as a diplomatic lubricant, ensures that Chinese tea can bridge cultures and legitimize the glory of the Chinese tea.


Tenfu corporation will undertake the values of “emphasis on quality, on safety, and on the environment” as developmental concepts, actively take on corporate social responsibility, and continue with the promotion of the tea industry sustainability.

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How To Select Your Own Tea ?

  • 1. Choose your own taste

    Our specialty tea selection are some of the best quality teas found around the world. We offer a wide selection of over 200 types of tea, including exclusive blends, limited edition collections, traditional teas and exotic infusions.
  • 2. Add it to the shoppint cart

    After you selection, add the item to shopping cart, we provide all the tea with free shipping in the United States. You can know what you really buy.

  • 3. Complete the checkout form

    We accept Visa/Master credit card, Paypal ,and the check for all of the orders.

  • 4. Enter desired shipping address

    Enter the shipping address where you would like to ship or share to your friend as a gift.

  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

    After all confirmation, you will have the email notification when the tea will arrival. Just can just sit down and wait for the teas coming.

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