Golden Junmei Black Tea 220g (7.7 oz) Grade S7


Longan, Mellow, Alpine

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“Junmei” literally translated to “spirited horse eyebrow”. This premium Chinese black tea gets its name because of the delicate and tender tea leaves resemble spirted horses’ eyebrows. Horses are known to have peaceful power but humble in Chinese culture throughout the history.

Junmei black tea uses tea leave tips harvested at high elevation in the natural reserve area of Wuyi Mountain, with Lapsang Souchong’s traditional processing technique. Some leaves have golden color, hence the name “Golden Junmei”. They are preciously picked; tens of thousands of tea tips produce just 500 grams of black tea. Tea liquor is bright red and has a mellow sweet alpine flavor.

Net Wight: 220g (7.7 oz)



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