Pu Erh Tea (327g) Gin Mi Mountain ( Raw Puerh Cake )

Pu Erh Tea (327g) Gin Mi Mountain ( Raw Puerh Cake )

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The mighty tea leaves are sourced directly from Jingmai Ancient Tree-One of the most famous Pu-erh tea production areas.Raw tea is oxidized with its own natural bacteria while ripe tea add artificial steps to speed up pu-erh's aging and oxidizing.So raw tea has a longer aging time and more changes in liquid and flavor.

You can consider Pu-Erh Tea as wine that its value and taste enhanced over time.Raw tea contains more cate chins which is known for immunity, skin, cell health, vitality, weight loss.It tends to be lighter and green in color.

Smooth,mellow and lingring sweet in aftertaste

A bouquet of antique and herbaceous scents, characteristic that are only present in well-aged Pu-erh teas.

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